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When to Seek and What to Expect From Couples Counselling

When to Seek and What to Expect From Couples Counselling

happy couple standing outdoorsMarriage is often depicted as a dreamy affair, but real life is quick to help couples realize that marriage is not as rosy as it is made out to be. Marriage is hard work. Fights and disagreements are normal between any couple. However, you need to differentiate between regular disagreements and serious problems in your relationship. It is best to go for couples therapy if your marriage is facing major issues.

Most therapists accept insurance plans from various companies. Humana insurance provides coverage for various types of physical as well as mental health problems.

But the question remains: at what point should you approach a therapist? There’s not a “right” answer, but you should consider going to therapy under the following circumstances.

couple having a heated argument in their couples session1.Breakdown in communication

You and your spouse do not talk to each other for several consecutive days. If you talk, it results in shouting and arguing. This situation can make the atmosphere in your house very suffocating and one of you will walk out sooner or later. Such situations are also breeding grounds for resentment. Couples therapy can help you to tide over such situations.

2.There is no intimacy in your relationship

Lack of intimacy can be physical, emotional or both. You and your spouse are maintaining a distance from each other. You don’t interfere or talk about each other’s lives. If this sounds like your relationship, it is likely time to seek help.

3.You are repeatedly fighting over the same issues

There will always be big and small issues between couples. Some issues can be solved, while others will keep reoccurring. You will need couples therapy to resolve issues that can be solved and address issues that reoccur.

4.Household finances are not transparent

couple arguing during their couples counseling sessionIf one spouse controls the finances and keeps the other spouse in the dark, then there can be trouble in the relationship. Financial infidelity can also play out as concealing your purchases, loans and bank accounts from your spouse. This corrodes the trust in the relationship.

5. You or your spouse had an affair

This is a violation of trust, which is difficult to rectify. Emotional or sexual breakdown in the marriage often allows a third person to enter the relationship. If the offended spouse is willing to forgive their partner, then couples therapy can help try to save the relationship.

6.You are no longer a team

Husband and wife having conflicting views is normal. But if you cannot agree on any topic, then there is trouble. If both the partners blame each other for every single mistake, then it is clear that your relationship is unhealthy.


What can you expect from couples therapy?

1.Identifying your exact problems

Every relationship is different and the problems faced by the couples are unique. The therapist will allow you to pinpoint the exact cause of your problems. He or she will give you a patient ear and a peaceful atmosphere to discuss your problems. Often the cause of your bitter fights may be some underlying unresolved issues. Couples therapy often brings those issues to the fore.

2.Targets and timing

Each couple has different expectations from couples counseling. Some want to resolve conflicts, while others want to rekindle their passion. Couples therapy may even reaffirm your doubts that your relationship is beyond repair. There are couples who go into therapy to end their relationship positively without holding onto anger and resentment.

Your therapist will help you to pinpoint your objective and fix a timeframe for reaching that objective.

3.Improved communication

couple smiling during their therapy sessionSome people are bad listeners. This often results in miscommunication. Some people have anger management issues. This can precipitate fights. At other times couples fail to communicate their intentions properly, resulting in misunderstandings. Couples therapy gives couples a safe environment to communicate with each other. The therapist prevents them from repeating harmful communication patterns. A good therapist will also allow the couples to identify negative communication patterns and rectify them.

Gradually, the couples learn to improve their listening skills and recognize their partner’s needs and emotions. They learn to communicate more clearly, which solves a lot of problems.

4.Develop skills to enhance relationship quality

Couples therapy teaches couples skills like stress management, selflessness, patience and forgiveness. The couples are also taught to resolve conflicts quickly so that there is no resentment. They are encouraged to support their partner’s desires and aspirations. Couples are also given tasks like date nights to improve communication and bring joy into the relationship. Their past is explored briefly to understand their childhood experiences or emotional baggage, which bring negativity into their present relationship.

The couples are taught anger management techniques that help them calm down. They are guided to avoid tactless and hurtful arguments.

It is important to find a Humana therapist whom both of you can trust. In-network facilities approved by Humana insurance will help reduce your financial burden significantly. You can choose therapists who accept your insurance plan to ease your financial strain. Humana insurance contributes to reducing stress in your relationship by providing plans which take care of your health requirements.