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The self-scheduling application just above is available 24/7 and matches you with therapists who meet your criteria. You also can visit our Schedule Online page and look through therapist profiles to find the best match for you.

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Our courteous receptionist is available at 303-986-4197 Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. After a few quick questions, she can schedule an appointment with one of our licensed, caring therapists in Denver or in many surrounding areas.

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Additional appointment help is available through, or through the form for Kaiser members below. We typically respond on the same day to recommend a therapist or prescriber who can help.

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We have nearly 250 Kaiser-credentialed therapists or prescribers throughout the Denver and Boulder areas. Our team is available to help you schedule an appointment with the provider who best meets your needs. Please fill out the form below.

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How to find the best therapist for you

1. Narrow Down By Insurance

If you plan to use your insurance, begin by narrowing down your options to therapists who accept your insurance plan. Unless you’re willing to pay out of pocket, ruling out therapists who do not accept your insurance will save you frustration later on. The most popular insurance companies in the Denver Area are Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, Kaiser Permanente, and Optum (United). With nearly 250 therapists, it’s very likely one of our providers will accept your plan. Check out our insurance page to narrow down providers by insurance accepted.

2. Find A Therapist Near You

The truth is that therapy must also be easily accessible to be effective long-term. If your therapist’s office requires a lengthy commute, chances are you’ll find yourself rescheduling appointments often. Our therapists have convenient locations in Denver and surrounding areas such as Golden, Lakewood, Aurora, Westminster, Greenwood Village, Wheat Ridge, Highlands Ranch, Boulder, and Littleton. Find a therapist near you to minimize the time you spend in traffic.

3. Therapist Specialties Are Important

Therapists must undergo various trainings before assisting clients with specific issues, concerns, and goals. Working with a therapist who has received the training necessary to help you is critical. The most popular specialties among our therapists are marriage therapy, grief counseling, family counseling, anxiety, depression, EMDR, panic attacks, couples counseling, child therapy, adolescent therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, OCD therapy,  grief, PTSD, drug and alcohol abuse, young adults, LGBTQ+, and geriatric therapy. Visit our specialty page for a full list of specialties and therapy approaches.

4. Consider Online Therapy

If you are having difficulty finding a therapist near you who accepts your insurance and specialization you seek, online therapy may be a great option for you! The sessions happen over your phone or computer and are powered by HIPAA compliant security standards. Online therapy sessions are covered by most plans. Learn more about online therapy.

5. Email Us or Use our Contact Form

Send us an email at or use our blue contact form. Our clinical assistants respond to messages typically the same day.

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We have nearly 250 therapists in Denver and numerous surrounding areas who accept many insurance plans, including Kaiser, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana, Optum (United), Medicaid, and Kaiser-Medicare. Visit the insurance page to find therapists who accept your insurance.

About Westside Behavioral Care

Westside Behavioral Care opened in the summer of 1998 with a mission to provide accessible, affordable mental health care to people of all ages across the Denver metropolitan area.

We have stayed true to this mission and now have nearly 250 licensed therapists ready to assist you. Our practice consists of a group of highly trained practitioners who provide the best possible clinical services utilizing both the latest and most time-tested techniques. Our therapists represent a wide range of clinical backgrounds and specialties, and provide the full spectrum of outpatient behavioral health services, including EMDR, DBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, marriage therapy, couples counseling, and family therapy.

Westside received PacifiCare’s “Top Therapists in Denver” rating 4 years in a row.