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M – F • 8:30am – 5:00pm

Do You Accept My Insurance?

Do You Accept My Insurance?

Hearing from a friend that Westside Behavioral Care has trusted Denver therapists, and marriage counselors citywide, Janie calls Westside’s number (303-986-4197). A nice receptionist answers the call after 2 rings.

Janie asks if Westside has a female therapist in Denver or in the Greenwood Village area who is accepting new clients, sees children, accepts Anthem Blue Cross insurance, and has openings on Monday or Wednesday afternoons.

The receptionist offers an appointment with either of two Denver therapists, both of whom fit these criteria. Janie accepts the soonest appointment, leaves her email address and number, and the appointment is set. She receives an immediate confirmation via email. Her therapist calls her the day before the appointment to make sure everything is set.

Janie’s daughter loved the therapist and began doing much better in school.