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John Sander

John Sander - LPC

- Offers sessions in-person and online

John has been working in the health and wellness field for over a decade.

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Sometimes life causes you to feel overwhelmed. Often it seems like you are never going to feel quite satisfied with who you are or where you are going.

When this happens, you can start to feel even more discouraged from having the life and relationships you want. This doesn’t mean you cannot feel confident and live a life of purpose. Building awareness of your needs and what has kept you from getting them met is important to you feeling better. When you understand what you need you can begin to practice asking for support from others, as well as learning ways to provide for your own needs.

That’s where I come in:
I have been working in the health and wellness field for over a decade. We will work together to identifying where you might be stuck and then work to resolve the discomfort and uncertainty you feel in your life. I will support you in discovering the parts of you that feel confident, clear and satisfied with who you are and where you are going.

I am no stranger to overwhelm and confusion. I too have experienced the lack of confidence and the continuous attempts to feel good about what I am doing and where I am going. I have always achieved a lot in my life, but haven’t always felt like it was or I was enough. I am clear now. I am free now. I understand how to help you get there. I assure you there is an end and relief from the struggle.

I help bright, sensitive and creative people go from emotionally tangled to settled and free.

My mission is to support you in living the life you deserve.
I am dedicated to making the world a fulfilling place to live in.
I am passionate about my service to others.

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Online Therapy

John Sander offers online therapy sessions through scheduled appointments. All Westside providers have access to HIPAA compliant and secure teleconferencing software to protect client privacy. Instructions to access a scheduled session will be sent directly by the provider leading up to the appointment.

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