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Joannah Ganz

Joannah Ganz - LCSW

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How does one stay positive, focused or serene in the face of intense challenges? How do we find the ability to celebrate and experience happiness in our lives, when life can be so dark or difficult? As your partner in this healing journey, I will help you to better understand why things may be manifesting in your life in the way they are. We analyze your current situations, behavior, relationships, thoughts patterns and belief systems in order to help you develop awareness and implement change, moving you towards being your most authentic, satisfied, truest, healthiest self and creating the life you seek.

My specialties are: individual and family therapy for eating disorders for adolescents and adults, treatment for depression, anxiety, marital issues, divorce recovery, affair recovery, blending families self esteem issues, adjustment issues, trauma recovery, bi-polar disorder. I am trained in a variety of modalities including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

As a yoga instructor with a holistic health background, I can offer whole person based services to the interested client including dietary and mood supporting supplements, tailored to individual stressors and circumstances, these approaches and tools may further your healing process.

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Joannah Ganz offers online therapy sessions through scheduled appointments. All Westside providers have access to HIPAA compliant and secure teleconferencing software to protect client privacy. Instructions to access a scheduled session will be sent directly by the provider leading up to the appointment.

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