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Denver Therapy: Foods for Moods

Denver Therapy: Foods for Moods

There are some common foods which can help boost energy and emotion quite a bit. To determine which of these are especially right for you:

1) Eat one of these foods at a time, going methodically down the following list;

2) Journal what your reactions are one hour later.

3) Once you’ve thoroughly tested each food at least twice, make a list of the ones that worked best;

4) Try combining them in regular quantities;

5) Journal your results.

Some people get best results from a single mood food alone; others do best with combinations.

Here is the list!:

1) Citrus (oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes, and just to be crazy let’s throw kiwis into the mix, citrus or not) all absolutely loaded with stress-fighting vitamin C.

2) Cherries, also loaded with C plus gazillions of antioxidants.

3) Broccoli, antioxidants galore, vitamin B as in Better Mood, and disease-fighting phytochemicals fit for queens and kings.

4) Seaweed of all types found commonly in health food stores and Asian groceries, a mine of minerals and a storehouse of energy-boosting vitamins to boot.

5) Green vegetables, especially the leafy kinds, which boost blood to the brain and have vitamins proven in numerous studies to fight low mood and depression.

6) Nuts, so never say nuts to nuts because they have the vigor of vitamin E and the magic of magnesium, too!

7) Beans, bursting with energy in their complex carbs, super mood foods for sure, tasty and delicious and great for weight (loss, that is).

8) Cantaloupe, again bursting with Bs, loaded with fiber, and its only caution is not to eat it if you want to get married, because doing so means you can’t elope! (OK, that was a really bad one.)

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